The current economic environment forces many companies to significantly reduce operating costs as fast as possible. While these measures may be necessary, companies have to do their best to keep the rest of the teams motivated and engaged.

The members of Thymus Consulting's leadership team have gone through many business cycles in their careers. We know how difficult it is to tell employees face-to-face that they are losing their job, and we also know how to prepare such decisions, keep your best talent, and minimise business risk.

This can include:

  • Reorganisation: Redesigning your organisation, increasing span of control, and reducing the number of management layers when relevant.
  • Manpower planning: Reducing your workforce while keeping your long-term needs in mind.
  • Talent retention: Maximising talent and critical employee retention at global, country-wide, or regional levels.

It is often a painful exercise, but we help reduce the pain both for the company and the employees. You can trust us, we have done it many times before.