All of your HR needs

We help you identify the key people initiatives that need enhancement to drive higher business performance such as workforce planning, talent management, performance management, or HR organisational effectiveness.

If your business size does not allow you to have subject matter experts in all HR related domains, we can assist in the alignment of your business goals with the most relevant HR programs and provide interim HR management when required.

We can also tailor our work to any HR need you have, from executive search to training course design, or from providing a performance coach to advice in choosing an ERP. Whatever HR services you need, you can contact us.

Our Experience

Over the years, we have driven dozens of HR projects, from high-level strategy and business case design to on-the-ground implementation. We have done this across multiple continents, industries, and through different business cycles, designing and implementing:

  • New talent acquisition strategies and programs to enable business growth
  • Employee engagement programs to maximise company performance
  • Competency-based people management across Supply Chain and Commercial functions to increase skill levels
  • New total compensation models, including variable pay programs, to increase employee motivation while reducing company overall cost structure
  • Workforce planning and actionable succession plans to prepare for long-term people needs
  • Large-scale development programs to increase talent development and retention
  • New HR operating models and implementation across 20 countries