Large Companies

The majority of our work is conducted with international companies worldwide, and in joint ventures. We understand global opportunities and challenges, and know to defend regional points-of-view when needed.

To keep succeeding, companies have to keep transforming themselves. Your scale can be an advantage when it comes to people matters, and our experience across business cycles will help in selling and implementing pragmatic solutions.


We also work for start-ups and SMEs and know how to address the specific additional challenges you may face.

We can help you defining and delivering people solutions projects, or act as Head of HR on an interim basis.

Private Equity Firms

The current economic environment puts more pressure on organisational effectiveness and operating costs than in the past. We can help you assess the companies you are planning to invest in or increase the performance of your portfolio companies.

Assessing company culture, restructuring organisations, improving talent retention, enhancing individual and team performance or designing new compensation structures are just a few examples of the types of services we can provide.


Companies We Have Worked For

The companies we have worked for, either as employees or consultants, are spread over multiple industries and continents. HR and change management matters have common-ground across different types of businesses, and we've become accustomed to moving from one industry to another over the years. We are confident we can quickly adapt to any of the challenges you encounter.